The company is called Alla Visum in Sverige AB (also “Alla Visum”, “we”, “the company”), registered in Stockholm, Sweden, with company registration number 556857-1987.

We are authorized by the Cuban consulate to issue tourist visas (tourist cards) to applicants.

Prices and Payment

Prices are quoted including VAT. In cases where additional shipping costs, and other costs apply, it will be shown in your cart before checking out. Prices displayed are the total price including government fees and our service fees.

We reserve the right to adjust our prices.


We always strive for the fastest possible delivery time and it will in most cases be completed within one working day. If your application is incomplete or incorrect, it will take longer. We recommend that you submit your application a minimum two weeks before departure, preferably earlier. Remember that postal delivery will take a long time in some cases.

The delivery times we specify on the website are normal estimated values that applies for the majority of all applications and are not guarantees. For individual cases, processing time may be longer.

Check your visa

Once you have received your visa, you must verify that all information on the visa is correct and promptly contact us if something is wrong.

Unpaid claims

We begin to handle the applications only after payment has been received in full.

Customer Data

Alla Visum comply with the Swedish Personal Data Act (PUL) that strongly regulates how customers' personal information may be used. We only store customer data in order to deliver products ordered from Alla Visum. We will never share customer information with third parties without the customer's consent. We never store any credit card information.

Unclaimed items

In case of returned shipments we charge a fee of SEK 250.

Minimum age

Anyone ordering from Alla Visum must be at least 18 years old at the time of ordering.

Sales outside Sweden

We will post visas to almost anywhere in the world. In case your country is not listed in the order form, please contact us for more information.

Visa applications and cooling-off period

A visa ordered in your name is a customized service. Therefore, there is no cooling-off period and all sales are final upon payment. However, you have the opportunity to request a cancellation before we started your application to receive a full refund. It is not possible to cancel after we started to handle your request. If you order by mistake, please contact us as fast as possible after payment.

Please read more about consumer rights on the European Commission’s website at

Right of withdrawal according to the consumer law

Applications submitted in our office (not online) begins immediately, and it is not possible to cancel a visa already issued.

If you are refused a visa

It is rare that someone is denied a visa. It may happen, however, and in those cases we will if possible refund your visa fee but we cannot guarantee it.

Interpreting the terms

If our terms in English and other languages would contradict, the English version should have precedence.


Alla Visum is not responsible for, including but not limited to, delivery delays, additional work or other things that may cause financial harm to the client.

Alla Visum ( reserves the right to change any information, including but not limited to prices, product descriptions and terms without prior notice.

Contact Details


  • Alla Visum
  • Box 7145
  • 103 87 Stockholm
  • Sweden

Visiting address:

  • Kungsgatan 37
  • Stockholm


Phone Number:  +46-8-53332060

Org.nummer:  556857-1987

VAT-nummer:  SE556857198701